Unsync’d gay rights

Please turn onto 1080 HD setting…….

This is a short film I made for Guerrilla Filmmaking at Roehampton University. I responded to the brief:

Make a film about a human rights issue that does not feature any synchronisation between image and sound.

“This film involves a personal take on the important topic of (if I can bracket various concerns under the umbrella of) gay rights. It combines footage of protests from the filmmaker’s archive with gender-bender sections that are straight out of performance art (e.g. the filmmaker shaving). Some of the shots arguably foreground the filmmaker (e.g. in thought on a bridge) in such a way that (unlike the shaving shots, for example) the film is about the filmmaker and not so much the issue at hand (such shots do not make ‘a point’ in the way that others do). Particularly in combination with a voice over that asks us to picture various of the many nations where homosexuality is illegal, this runs the risk of turning a global and human rights issue into a personal one. Nonetheless, the film is engaging and provocative.”

Dr William Brown, University of Roehampton




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