To My Dearest

Please turn onto 1080 HD setting…….

This is a short film I made for Guerrilla Filmmaking at Roehampton University. I responded to the brief:

Make an experimental, animated or found footage film that takes the form of a letter to a loved one.

“This is an honest and challenging film letter that incorporates provocative images of a young man accompanied by a voice over from a would-be neutral-gendered person (whom, it turns out, is quite possibly the man in the images). As discussed in class, it is possible that the ambiguity of the film mars its impact almost; and that an even more provocative, and perhaps honest, stance (the filmmaker speaking for herself instead of as if for someone else?) might improve it even further. For nearly all of its duration, it is blistering, and uses its rawness and ‘dirtiness’ expressively; to suspect that this was all invented for a film via the switch of perspective arguably undermines this.”

Dr. William Brown, University of Roehampton




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