Screened at FEST, Esphino, Portugal on the 23rd of June, 2016

Please turn onto 1080 HD setting…….

This is a short film I made for Guerrilla Filmmaking at Roehampton University. I responded to the brief:

Make a film that does not feature moving images and which responds to the question: what is Great Britain?



“This is a funny and provocative piece of work in which we see the filmmaker dressed in drag, replete with fake beard, in various places and poses, while we hear a voice over that incorporates elements of the British gangster film, Tennessee Williams and other sources in order to provide a dark and yet perversely loving portrait of the boozing British. One wonders whether the use of ‘Jerusalem’ at the film’s end is strictly ‘necessary’ (it feels as though the film’s point has been made), but this is a visually arresting and thoughtful film. Well done.”

 Dr. William Brown, University of Roehampton



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