SPAWN (Guerrilla film version)

Screened at the BFI, London on the 13th of May, 2016.

Please turn onto 1080 HD setting…….

This is a short film I made for Guerrilla Filmmaking at Roehampton University. I responded to the brief:

Make a film that consists only of one take, and which addresses a political issue that concerns you.

“This is a fascinating video of a multi-screen installation and performance piece. It draws upon Frankenstein and various other sources to point to the making-machine of the human in the contemporary world, not least through our interfacing with computers. One wonders that film itself is part of this mechanization/automation of the human (we repeat gestures that we have seen in films), which perhaps this film might address more directly (although the multiple screens within this film’s mise-en-scene perhaps gestures towards this), and one wonders how much this piece overlaps with coursework made for another module, but a fascinating film nonetheless.”

Dr William Brown, University of Roehampton


SPAWN © a new performance


For Robot Videos please click here

For the trailer – please click here


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