Spawn Photography

Below are some photos I roughly edited (given time restrictions) for our performance of Spawn© 

I edited the images on instagram via screenshots I took from two of the robot films I made.

Models: Sophie Chittenden & Maya Hemmings

20160330_223806 20160330_224442 IMG_20160330_224928 IMG_20160330_225108 IMG_20160330_225158 IMG_20160330_225233 IMG_20160330_225323 IMG_20160330_225427 IMG_20160330_225516 IMG_20160330_225554 IMG_20160330_225700 IMG_20160330_225727 IMG_20160330_225859 IMG_20160330_225936 IMG_20160330_230107 IMG_20160330_230131 IMG_20160330_230212 IMG_20160330_230234 IMG_20160330_230329 IMG_20160330_230423 IMG_20160330_230729 IMG_20160330_230832 IMG_20160330_230923 IMG_20160330_231013 IMG_20160330_231113 IMG_20160330_231221 IMG_20160330_231310 IMG_20160330_231503 IMG_20160330_231626 IMG_20160330_231748 IMG_20160330_231821 IMG_20160330_231919 IMG_20160330_231950 IMG_20160330_232022 IMG_20160330_232151 IMG_20160330_232253 IMG_20160330_232328 IMG_20160330_230423 IMG_20160330_230329 IMG_20160330_224928 20160330_224442 20160330_223806


Click here for Guerilla film

Click here for Robot videos

© Copyright Sian Alexandra Williams 2016. All rights reserved.

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