Turn to 1080p HD setting….

Paying homage to Laura Mulvey’s ‘Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema’, Scopophilia aims to reinforce the male gaze theory and ‘denaturalise’ gender norms. By switching typical gendered roles that appear in mainstream film (male voyeur/female object) one of Scopophilia’s points is to prove how easy it is to sexualise and objectify anyone of any gender; not just female bodies.

Click here to read The Lesbian Eye Essay I wrote in my third year as an undergraduate

Music by Xavier Boot

“Unfamiliar and mesmerising, Scopophilia is a weird little short that flips gender roles and presents you with something to think about. Similar to ‘To My Dearest’, Sian highlights the challenges we’re now faced with due to the changing societal ideals of gender roles.” – Brad Cohen, Writer

“Amazing !!! You must be a fan of silent film -a topic we’ve never discussed- you seem to have changed b/w for black and red, a bold Carlos Saura-like choice. I loved the dreamy overlapped sequence of the stripper dancing and appearing as several versions of himself almost, as characters in dreams often do. I cannot wait for you to direct a full length feature film with your magic.” – Colin Morgan, Actor

© Copyright Sian Alexandra Williams 2016. All rights reserved.

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