Fluent with tongues


Fluent with tongues

Written by Sian Alexandra Williams



Bodies together, limbs entwined.

A utopian fit – the jigsaws complete.


Front to your back, mouth on your neck.

Inhale. Exhale. I am your blanket.


Fluent with tongues, we articulate finer than our natives. Shifts and sighs locked in a room roaring truths that lips dare not whisper.


Only the walls know our secrets.


A black shadow illumes the night sky, drawing gold between scarlet portals.

Inhale. Exhale. Suck down the poison, don’t throw it out.


Organised fragments in the darkness, the fears melt. Unlike the sun which grows shields. Take shelter behind the primitive.


Twenty clicks and Twenty clocks but none as perfect as your alarm.

Your hour glass ticks a perverse harmony. Pulling me in.





© Copyright Sian Alexandra Williams 2017. All rights reserved.




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