PRECISIONISM [teaser trailer]


Take a glimpse into the world of PRECISIONISM by James Neale. A city in love with drink and drugs, sex and jazz.

Directed by Sian Alexandra Williams & Written by James Neale Hunter

Cinematography Jayden Robinson

In collaboration with The Old Sole Theatre Company


BFI FLARE 2018 – reviews of ‘Girl Under You’ ‘A Montage of The Mind’ & ‘Bedside Surgeon’

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Reviews can be found on Shadows on the Wall & Gay Womens Network

Oceans 8 – A gateway film for the future of women in Hollywood?

Disclaimer: I aim to write a more fluent article/essay on Oceans 8…but right now I’m far too excited and I had to just get my initial thoughts of my chest

Finally! This is exactly what I have been waiting for…

A film with eight, not just one, but EIGHT female protagonists who barely (if at all) cater for a male-gaze.

Revolutionary? I think so!


No male-lead, barely any heterosexual romance or sex. No fragmented female bodies catered for heterosexual male audiences. No ‘silly’ female roles who do nothing but support the ‘all important white male’. None of the classic Hollywood sexist, racist, homophobic bullshit.

Only eight, powerful, intelligent, charismatic, diverse women.

and…they do none of the following;

Find a man, have a baby, get married, have sex with men, look pretty , look sexy, find a man, do a nude scene.

Oceans 8 is revolutionary because none of the eight women in the film play into the above stereotypes of ‘what female roles in Hollywood typically do’ 

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Hollywood has finally produced a film that is so positive for female leads and female role models. The film is also racially diverse which is brilliant!

Lets hope Oceans 8 is a gateway film for more female positivity, female protagonists and diversity in Hollywood!

Female Protagonists – 1

Male-Gaze – 0


Watch the trailer here



Take a glimpse into the world of PRECISIONISM by James Neale. A city in love with drink and drugs, sex and jazz.

Directed by Sian Alexandra Williams & Written by James Neale Hunter

In collaboration with The Old Sole Theatre Company

Coming September 2018, Buy tickets to the theatre production here!


The ones that I really feel sorry for are the ones that haven’t freely choosen their gender. The ones that have been conditioned into thinking that male = man and female = woman. They have to stick to these strict gender rituals and they can’t step out of line otherwise everyone will think there’s something wrong with them. They have to prove their masculinity and femininity every single day in performances of make up, over the top sports enthusiasm and strict codes such as swaying with your hips or walking with your shoulders. The rest of us queer folk, we are free, we can be whatever we want to be without anyone judging us for not ‘performing’ our gender correctly. We can wake up feeling feminine or masculine and express that how we so wish. We’ve transcended our bodies in order to free our minds. We don’t have to worry about ‘fitting in’. We don’t have to cage our spirits to fit with our biology. We’ve split mind and body, performing our genders with no strict regulations. That is true freedom

BFI FLARE LGBTQ+ Online Digital Viewing Library

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Absolutely over the moon that FOUR of my short films got accepted into the BFI FLARE LGBTQ+ 2018 film festival! They’re on the BFI’s online digital viewing library under the category ‘UK INDUSTRY SELECTION’, which is available for press and industry delegates. Only 15 films got selected to be shown in the UK Industry Selection category so to have not just one but FOUR of my films selected is a huge huge hugeeeee honour!!!

A massive thank you to everyone who worked with me on these projects