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My name is Sian (Alexandra) Williams, I am a experimental filmmaker, performer and writer, currently studying an MA in Film & Philosophy at Kings College London. I feel my work stretches across different mediums; my main outlets being, performance art, visual art (filmmaking/editing) and writing. Although I am biologically sexed female, I like to define myself as ‘gender-queer’, therefore most of my work revolves around issues regarding the LGBTQ+ community, feminism, & gender politics. I strongly feel, that although issues surrounding LGBTQ+ and womens rights in ‘the west’ have improved, there is still much more work to be done and more light to be shed on these matters that are often forced into the ‘invisible’.

My particular focus is on representations of Queer Women. I feel the term ‘lesbian’ has been taken from queer women and transformed into something that is no longer queer or about female/female same sex desire. Rather, the word ‘lesbian’ in mainstream culture, particularly pornography, suggests a highly sexualised fetish for a heterosexual audience (predominantly male) with little or no relation to actual female/female desire. I wish to dissociate myself from the label ‘lesbian’ and rather be referred to as queer, gay or sapphic. My current projects have only slightly touched on the problem with the term ‘lesbianism’, but I have big plans for the future regarding this concept. 

I come from a theatre/performance art background – having only been experimenting with visual arts for the past four years. I always wanted to make politically charged films, but i was always disheartened by the concept of money; How could I ever make a film with no money? I told myself – I was wrong.

During my studies at the University of Roehampton, London, my perception on filmmaking had been altered. Dr William Brown’s guerrilla filmmaking module enlightened me to the prospect of making films with little or zero budget, he solidified in me that with the rise in the mobile phone camera, social media and technology as a whole film is a fantastic art form to express oneself.

When I think of film, I think of art, and perhaps more specifically the ‘artists’. Film for me is not about money and superficial stories – its about freedom of expression, provoking thought and influencing change. Film is a powerful tool to influence the masses; and I aim to utilize it to express my ideas regarding gender politics, sexuality (homo, hetero and other) and my philosophy on humankind and our current society.

It has only been as of early 2016 where my interest in ‘guerrilla style filmmaking’ and the visual art world solidified and I started to create my own politically charged shorts. As a performer, I could use myself as the protagonist; I write, film and edit my own short films – with literally zero budget. The only great expense is my time, not money, which I am more than happy to spend in order to express my messages.

I have had film screenings at BFI FLARE LGBTQ+ Festival, Leeds Queer Film Festival, Fringe Queer Arts Festival, FEST in Portugal, The BFI, Kaleidoscope LGBT festival USA, and Equality festival in the Ukraine. My signature experimental style has been described as ‘eerie’, ‘psychedelic’ ‘intense’ and perhaps a little on the obscene side. All of my filmmaking covers concepts regarding; inner journeys & struggles, dealing with subject matter such as feminism, mental health, homosexuality, gender politics. Aesthetically I like to play with colours (or lack of) and minimalism – I feel isolating subjects and eradicating background noise forces the viewer into the warped reality of the worlds I am trying to create – they can do nothing but focus on the explicit matter presented in front of them.

For any questions or enquiries please email me at sianywilliams5@gmail.com


Accessible essays: 

Lesbian Eye 

Gender is what is put on

Accessible Prose:

Neutered Men

Fluent with tongues

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