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My name is Sian (Alexandra) Williams. I am a experimental filmmaker, writer, photographer and a performer based in London.

I was awarded the Vice Chancellor’s UK scholarships by London’s University of Roehampton, and I have recently just achieved a First Class Honours degree in Drama, Theatre, Performance and Film. I am currently looking to further my education and dedicate myself to academia.

Although biologically sexed female, I strongly identify with masculinity (although I am not transgender) I like to define myself as ‘gender-queer’, therefore my art mainly focuses on issues surrounding the LGBTQ community.

With the rise in the mobile phone camera, social media and technology as a whole – I feel film is a fantastic art form to express oneself. When I think of film, I think of art, and perhaps more specifically the ‘artists’. Film for me is not about money and superficial stories – its about freedom of expression, provoking thought and influencing change. Film is a powerful tool to influence the masses; and I want to utilize it to express my ideas regarding gender politics, sexuality (homo, hetero and other) and my philosophy on humankind and our current society.

For any questions or enquiries please email me at sianwilliams05@gmail.com


Accessible essays: 

Lesbian Eye 

Gender is what is put on


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