The ones that I really feel sorry for are the ones that haven’t freely choosen their gender. The ones that have been conditioned into thinking that male = man and female = woman. They have to stick to these strict gender rituals and they can’t step out of line otherwise everyone will think there’s something wrong with them. They have to prove their masculinity and femininity every single day in performances of make up, over the top sports enthusiasm and strict codes such as swaying with your hips or walking with your shoulders. The rest of us queer folk, we are free, we can be whatever we want to be without anyone judging us for not ‘performing’ our gender correctly. We can wake up feeling feminine or masculine and express that how we so wish. We’ve transcended our bodies in order to free our minds. We don’t have to worry about ‘fitting in’. We don’t have to cage our spirits to fit with our biology. We’ve split mind and body, performing our genders with no strict regulations. That is true freedom


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