Girl Under You



cropped-screen-shot-2018-05-30-at-17-26-44.pngA collaborative piece, Written by Brad Cohen and Sian Alexandra, Girl Under You explores the assertive sexuality of masculine and feminine women, exploring the concept of ‘top’ and ‘bottoms’ in lesbian sex. Girl Under You aims to portray real lesbian relationships and sexuality as a backlash to the fake lesbian porn that is geared towards the ‘male gaze’, rather than an ‘lesbian eye’. Lesbian porn has been taken and over sexualised by patrichary – thus making ridicule of what it truly means to be a homosexual woman in societies eyes. This piece is about lesbians and women taking back their sexuality – there’s nothing wrong with the voyeuristic act of watching two women have sex, as long as it’s a realistic representation. Directed by two female directors , Girl Under You hopes the viewer will enjoy lesbian sexuality through an empowering ‘lesbian eye’ rather than a cliched, unrealistic, demeaning ‘male gaze’….

Directed by Sian Alexandra & Victoria Matthews
Written by Brad Cohen & Sian Alexandra

Edited by Sian Alexandra
Performed by Sian Alexandra & Victoria Matthews
Cinematography Jayden Robinson
Sound by Guy Farber & Matthew Williams
Assistant Directors Charlotte Dowell & Alya Soliman
Music by Himuro Mansion

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