Church & Other Dirty Words: The whole Collection


Director Sian Wiliams (Fringe Queer Arts Festival, FEST Portugal) has produced film adaptations of Brad Cohen’s first collection of poetry ‘Church & Other Dirty Words’. From ISIS and gay conversion therapy to feminism and the male gaze to toxic masculinity, femme-shaming and blurred gender lines– the collection extensively discusses many issues the LGBTQ+ culture is faced with today.

Cohen uses sex in his collection to deliver important messages. One piece entitled ‘Bedside Surgeon’ portrays that feeling when your hook up rolls over after sex and goes on Grindr, looking for his next fix. Another important discussion takes place in ‘Church’ (first published by Fincham Press in ‘Purple Lights’, 2016) where Cohen uses catholic language to describe a post-sex scene whilst simultaneously highlighting the friction between Catholicism and homosexuality. ‘DJ Pygmalion’ is a dark satirical piece warning of the dangers in watching too much porn.

Girl Under You is a collaborative piece written by both Cohen and Williams, highlighting the problems with mainstream lesbian pornography. The piece aims to portray lesbian sexuality through an empowering ‘lesbian eye’ rather than a cliched, unrealistic, demeaning ‘male gaze’…

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