Tectonic Trill


‘Church & Other Dirty Words’ consists of nine poetic short films. Based on poetry written by Brad Cohen and directed by Sian Williams. The collection explores the strange transformations within queer culture today, ranging from toxic masculinity to internalised homophobia.

First published by the Hilbert Raum Gallery (Berlin) as part of their ‘Hummmm…’ exhibition in 2016, ‘Tectonic Trill’ is a delve into the rage that accompanies betrayal. Inspired by the biological, chemical and emotional elements of experiencing this rage, Brad Cohen explores the burning hole it leaves in us all. When someone betrays you in the worst way but refuses to acknowledge the fallout, this is what’s left.

Director Sian Williams is directing the film adaptation of this collection and has co-wrote the screenplays. Williams has previously screened at Fringe Queer Arts Festival and FEST in Portugal. William’s signature experimental and eerie style lends itself to the unique project.

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Brad Cohen’s website: bradcohen.co.uk
Sian William’s website: sianalexandrawilliams.com

Written by Brad Cohen (Insta: @bradderie)
Directed and edited by Sian Williams (Insta: @gingersiany)
Starring Charlie Knight and Sophie Chittenden
Principal Camera by Sian Williams and Jayden Robinson
Assistant Camera Simon Woods and Ian Guy
Sound Design by Guy Farber and Matt Williams
Music by Himuro Mansion


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