Church & Other Dirty Words: The Three


‘Church & Other Dirty Words’ consists of nine poetic short films. Based on poetry written by Brad Cohen and directed by Sian Williams. The collection explores the strange transformations within queer culture today, ranging from toxic masculinity to internalised homophobia.

The first three within the series are ‘All Our Boys Are Dying’, ‘March’ and ‘Church’. All are directly taken from Brad Cohen’s first poetry collection. The three episodes explore the persecution of men orchestrated by ISIS and gay correctional facilities in Chechnya, how pride has proved triumphant despite these acts of hate and how being a gay person and religious has its own battles.

These three episodes follow a couple who are tackling their own sexuality, internal conflicts as well as external judgement. ‘All Our Boys Are Dying’ is a harrowing insight into the isolated mind of a gay person who fears for people like himself. ‘March’, inspired by the events of the Orlando shooting in 2016 and the meaning behind the colours in the rainbow flag, describes how despite the murder of LGBTQ+ people, they cannot truly kill the community. Episode 3 ‘Church’ concludes the short film with subtle victory over today’s issues that challenge the LGBTQ+ community as well as this couple’s happiness.

Director Sian Williams is directing the film adaptation of this collection and has co-wrote the screenplays. Williams has previously screened at Fringe Queer Arts Festival and FEST in Portugal. William’s signature experimental and eerie style lends itself to the unique project.

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Brad Cohen’s website:
Sian William’s website:

Written by Brad Cohen (Insta: @bradderie)
Directed and Edited by Sian Williams (Insta: @gingersiany)
Principal Camera by Jayden Robinson
Sound Design by Matt Williams
Assistant Producer Danny Polaris
Performance Advisor Amelia Webber
Music by Draco Draco (‘From Eastbound to Westbound’ available on iTunes)file:///var/folders/g4/fff5nbm12p5b1wkmk248dtx40000gn/T/IMG_1258.JPG

Font ‘Lemon/Milk’ by MARSNEV

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