A Montage Of The Mind



A Montage Of The Mind is an experimental film exploring how ones mind gets from A to B and back again whilst wondering off into vivid tangents. The film exhibits my inner journeys & struggles, dealing with subject matter such as feminism, mental health, homosexuality, gender politics and much more.

I’ve been gradually making this film for over a year – collecting random prose that I have written over the years and filming images that catch my eye….. I have complied it all together carefully to try to make a film that not only shows the inner workings of the(my) mind but also a creative process as it is happening inside ones head…….

Each image/sound/word is delibrate. Everything links… but how? There is not just one interpretation to the content(s) of this film (or the film as a whole) – but many…….although I have my own intention behind each montage – im intrigued to know how others digest and dissect it.


Some of the prose featured was taken from two of my essays : The Lesbian Eye & Gender is what is put on


Written / Directed / Edited by Sian Williams

Music composed by Xavier Boot & vocals by Rugile

Narrated by Sian Williams

© Copyright Sian Alexandra Williams 2017. All rights reserved.



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